Privacy Policy

Installment Payday Loans doesn't share borrowers' information with a third party. Whatever information you provide us is used for loan purpose only. We use it to understand your financial condition and contact the lender.

Customer service is our business. We thrive on the basis of that service. Never ever we will indulge in an activity that compromises the well-being of our customers. That will harm us in turn.

There is only one exception to this case. If a legal issue arises and we are asked to share borrowers' information, we will be forced to share it.

You know that in such cases, we can't do anything. If we deny, we will be held liable. But, such cases occur rarely. Till date, we have never faced a situation like this.

We know that borrowers are apprehensive of their personal information. We share their concern. We take a number of measures to protect their personal information. We use latest software including the Internet security to protect our system from hackers.

Our IT department maintains our site round the clock. All the software is updated at regular intervals.

When you apply for quick cash loans bad credit and/or unsecured long term loans, you need to create your account first. Creating a separate account keeps your data in a separate folder which supports database management. Unfortunately, if the site gets hacked sometime, the hacker won't get access to all the data easily. Additionally, when your approved information is ready for use, we can give loan faster in future if you apply for a loan again.

You too have a role to play in data protection. You must not share your log in information with anybody. If you do so, you alone will be responsible if something happens to you.

And lastly, we ask for your information only when you apply for a loan. If you only visit our site, we don't request you to share your details.

What else we should have done for the protection of your personal information. If you have better ideas, do share with us. We will surely incorporate them if we find them fit.

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