About us

Installment Payday Loans was established with the mission to provide financial services to the country's working class.

Today most of the people are pressed with finances. They don't have adequate income to live through the month comfortably.

Barely half of the month passes and they feel that they are being squeezed financially. Unpaid bills, notices, phone calls and numerous other reminders start arriving for settlements.

However, our spending habit is also to be blamed for the situation. We Americans spend uncontrollably. But, that's our culture. You can't blame a person for such things.

Our objective is to help such people in times of financial crisis. They all are earning professionals. If they are helped with appropriate loan solutions, they can bring their finances back on track.

The need is appropriate loan solution. We have designed a number of loan solutions considering the challenges faced by such people.

Whatever your condition is one of the loans will definitely suit your needs and expectations. We serve thousands of people like you every day. We will help you too. Two our loan solutions are highly popular in the market.

One is quick cash loans bad credit and another is unsecured long term loans. The first one is designed for the people with poor credit rating. If you are tagged with poor credit rating and need money urgently, you can apply for it.

We help you get loan without going through any credit verification process. You only need to provide a few of your personal information. The second one is an unsecured loan; means you can avail it without pledging a valuable asset.

You can have bigger loans here for longer period. This loan is good for you if you finances are really bad and you look for small amount installments.

When you deal with us, you will come to know. We not only get you loan. We get you financial solution that serves your present needs and helps you to improve you financial condition.

We are in this business for a long time. We understand the mathematics behind the loan very well.

At every step, we help you to take informed decision. That is benefit of dealing with us. You won't such kind of care and help with other service providers.

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